Borgo Sentinella

masseria di charme

torre dell’orso

One of the most evocative and charming places in Salento. Here you will find an authentic lifestyle similar to that of ancient villages, in close contact with nature and history.

   Staying at Borgo Sentinella makes you want to discover the origins and traditions of the land of Salento. Here, nature and the human creations have found harmony. A pure spectacle will open before your eyes and it will be love at first sight!

White walls, rooms with names that evoke the region, minimalist furnishings in the traditional style of the masseria, a large swimming pool and flourishing Mediterranean vegetation will frame your stay and make you want nothing more than to be here.

A place where you can experience moments of pure relaxation where the soundtrack is the sound of nature: the rustling of leaves, the gentle breeze blowing at sunset, the song of cicadas during the day and crickets at sunset will be the melody of your Salento summers.


A magnificent rural recovery in full respect of the environment.

Borgo Sentinella is a splendid example of rural recovery with the technique of ‘poor recovery’ that uses materials and techniques from the past with low environmental impact.

Some accommodations have been obtained from the old stables and have ceilings with the typical ribbed vaults, while others have ceilings with the characteristic star vaults of the old Salento farms. All the accommodations have been carefully restored using environmentally friendly materials. The walls have been reconstructed with lime, hemp and cement to maintain a constant temperature of 20 degrees throughout the year in the rooms. The minimalist and refined furnishings were designed to respect the original style of the masseria.


A place to dream, to explore, to be surprised.

Surrounded by the blue of its sea and the colours of its land, Borgo Sentinella offers evidence of rural life in the past.

A treasure of incomparable beauty, a place rich in history immersed in a still wild nature, this ancient farmhouse of sublime charm rises a few hundred metres from the extraordinary sea of Torre dell’Orso.


Five double rooms, on the ground or first floor, characterised by masseria-style furnishings and embellished with modern elements.


One room apartaments with kitchen to better meet the needs of our guests and provide maximum comfort.

Loft with Pool

Five new lofts with private pool and outdoor relaxation area, the ultimate expression of luxury and absolute relaxation.