If we think of nature as the ‘Benevolent Mother’ in which to take refuge, and if by the term ‘holiday’ we mean the temporary suspension of ordinary everyday life, then after paradise Borgo Sentinella is the ideal place to take refuge!

It is not possible to put into words the extraordinary feeling of serenity that is felt by living in this place even for a few moments. The corte, or the courtyard which once housed animals, hides a wonderful swimming pool. Here it is possible to forget the outside world by letting yourself relax and enjoy the quiet that brings us back to space and time.

You can relax your body and mind, lying in the sun on the edge of a magnificent swimming pool where the green of the Mediterranean scrub surrounds it and the soundtrack is the song of luxurious and lively nature.

Borgo Sentinella’s swimming pool is set in the courtyard of the masseria, the quietest area, a corner where you can enjoy quiet moments in perfect harmony with the surrounding nature, lying on comfortable sun beds or by the pool where you can enjoy the enchanting atmosphere of the courtyard.

The courtyard is an oasis of cool even on hot summer days, an ideal place to sip a good glass of wine or read a book. At sunset the courtyard has a sublime charm. Its lights blend with the colour palette of the Salento sky creating a play of lights and colours that will lead you into a dimension of pure well-being.
The night here is magical. Far from the glow of the city lights you can admire the great spectacle of the sky in which the bright stars contrast with the dark to create a warm and enveloping atmosphere.

Treat yourself to a holiday of pure well-being in a place with ancient charm but with all the modern comforts. Leave your work clothes behind to enjoy an experience in the temple of the sun and in the nature of Salento.