Dear guests,
we give you some information about the safety measures that Borgo Sentinella is carrying out to ensure a relaxing and safety stay:

  • Our Staff Team is trained and use personal protective equipment depending on the activity which is carried out
  • The staff’s body temperature is checked at the beginning of every shift
  • Sanitizing gel dispenser are available inside the structure along with signs that illustrate how to behave in order to stay safety
  • Common aereas are frequently sanitized, focusing on those objects that are touched the most (ie. handles, handrail…)
  • Tables and chairs are properly outdistanced
  • Rooms are properly sanitized after every check-out
  • We use sanitizers based on sodium hypochlorite diluted to 0,1% or with ethyl alcohol (70%)
  • Keys, that will be kept by the guests during the stay, are sanitized during check-ins and check-outs
  • Every single objects that will be given to our guests will be sanitized after its use
  • Filterfans and cooling units are constantly monitored and cleaned
  • We would prefer electronic payment procedures

Moreover, we kindly ask your guests to pay attention to little things that will help to live a safe and relaxing holiday:

  • Wear your mask during check-ins, check-outs and when mantaining distance is not possible
  • Sanitize your hands often, before getting to common aereas and before and after using the common toilets
  • Cover your mouth and nose when you sneeze or cough
  • Inform the staff in case of fever or flu-like symptomps
  • Avoid gatherings in common aereas, both inside and outside
  • Only 10 people at a time can use the swimming-pool
  • Before using the pool, take an accurate shower
  • Use your own towels when you decide to lay on the sunbeds
  • Keep the keys with you during your stay
  • When you check-out, leave the windows open in order to air out the room, so that the housekeepers will work safely.